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Thousand Eyes

by Mirabai Peart

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Through all this, the mulberries keep on ripening. Their thousand eyes bursting with blind rapture seeking only to be plucked, devoured, seed spread the birds leave their marks purple paint as far as they fly. I have no choice, it would be a sin to let these fruits fall and rot so through my grief I pick them singing or wailing all the while feeding on sweetness what else can I do? I'm alive. Through all this, the mulberries keep on ripening nourished by the soil you put here beside the house you built here and life dances, careens and blunders on. We cannot stop it, though you're gone.
Hold To 04:42
Hold Sane, as chaos rages Sight, as mindless blinds Free while greed burns beyond any stop sign Hold cool, as calamity tantrums to sphere fever True, while lies, the laws of physics deny Hold, hold to what we love and why Whither will fall the sky Whither will rise the tide No more can we hide Hold to, give rise Hold to with shining minds Our trial is of no less scale than LOTR, jedis. Hold to, Hold, hold to! Hark our scientists, sages, First Nations, to steer us true to our wrongs undo, to find ways anew Phosphorescent hearts beat in the dark to the drum of a song in rhyme with battle songs of eld, songs for all time. Hold, fight the nothing, never-ending story This precipice we climb to doom or glory Hold to, Hold to, Hold Sane as chaos rages Sight, as mindless blinds Free as greed burns beyond any stop sign Lai dai Lai dai…. Whither will fall the sky And whither will rise the tide No more can we hide.
Rain 04:17
Those dry days etched to my core Dust, ash, ash, dust The horror of loss under the glare of an indifferent sun From those dry leaves burst flames. Forever now I love rain I crave the peace of the earth as, passively, she receives this gentle gift from the sky. Forever these endless drops will be my tears My solace, comfort, yearning fulfilled. Though I know too, water can be fierce It can rage, swallow, drown. However our small minds think we rule, Nature will always, always Have her last word.
Do they know, the ones who will go? Another last one breathes it’s last, innocent and alone. If they know, do they fear? When the last ones give their last and resign their existence here. Why, dear? Why, dear? Must more go? Can’t we turn this around soon enough? oh, oh! oh….. What’s done will be done while the earth round the sun dances her arcs as moon tags along. Where have they gone, the ones who have gone? Some to be remembered, and some we have never known! Known, known, un-known, Known, known, un-known, Gone, gone, gone. All gone, gone, oh, gone. Oh, ones! Oh, ones!
Come down. Oh, to take, dear, without limit, death you ask for. You may despise she who birthed your pain and all the un-born who fear what follows you. Come down, I can’t bear to give more I’m so pressured Come of age, now, Mend our web so fragile Come into my arms come so gladly, on down.
I am wide eyed split second glimpse revelation of never-before-seen play jostling life wonder wonderful full, burst, a bursting a dance upon the screen of the infinite. This is truly seeing, Thank you for giving me fresh eyes now You wash my thoughts clear. Wide eyed.
Oh when, til the skies fall down on our heads? Oh when, til the seas, acetous, die? Gonna sail on a raft of driftwood Upon it a small shrine And then? Still my hands are tied. Now all I long for is sanctuary. Once, bloated with self-repletion, harried by crisis, then lacking volition I withered, saddened. Humbled now, as I am, all I can wish for is silence All I hope for is sanctuary and shelter and fodder for the winged and the leafed and the earthed and watered, and those I love To witness the wonder as long as it all and I can last, oh what shall pass? Oh when, Til the skies fall down on our heads. Oh when, Til the seas, acetous, die. Gonna sail on a raft of driftwood Upon it a small shrine And then? Will my tears run dry?
Can I call her ‘Duty’? She’s been waiting with her sister, the Muse on the doorstep since a quarter past two with nothing to lose. How long have I crouched here, eyes covered, cowering in the corner, quaking with fear? She’s done counting years, a tap on my shoulder, a whisper in my ear away with my mask she glares me full in the face and through my tears I ask; ‘Duty, Sweet Duty, what am I to do?’ She says: ‘All things precious, all at stake. Nothing and no time to lose’. Suddenly, salt wind whipping my hair I feel the storm heaving There’s pirates seizing treasures greedy vandals! And there’s no leaving. I shout into the tempest ‘Oh Friends, friends where thou art?’ They're busy mending the splintered mast Can we carry on full sail at last? I hold fast, get to task, and they show me the way. ‘Who says we are sinking?’ they say. ‘We are bailing like hell, re-nailing the hull. Fling away those pirates, We’re ringing the bell!’ Sweet Duty, blessed Muse, dear Friends, our Crew, Hold fast! All things precious, all at stake. Nothing and no time to lose. All things precious, all at stake. Nothing and no time to lose. To where and what ends? We cannot choose but to sail full mast. Full sail at last, friends, full sail at last!
I cast a spell on myself a long long time ago. I avalanched the wellspring with my ugly troll, ego. In a bad dream forgot my name barked up wrong trees, false turns. A hero may weep, may writhe, climb steep sleep deep, to awake, to thirst. The troll hid and feasted well on this theatre of mine, full blown. How could I have lost my wellspring? was I blind, how could I know? Oh, I searched far, and wide, oh I tried, as the wind changed and tide turned. Is what’s lost same as the innocence I held too close, then spurned? I thirsted, I thirsted, I thirsted.. If I stop still and listen I can follow the bell-like sound, find rushes and moss and ferns so soft So green, sweet, clean, aglow. And my heart, barren? No! I just lost my way and the story is that I’ve come upon the wellspring again and I’ve cupped my hands to the flow. Drink deep, now, drink deep, now, drink deep, sweet, drink deep, it’s been here all along. I cast a spell on myself a long long time, ago. I avalanched a wellspring. Isn't this how most stories go? The losing, getting lost, the journey to find, return. And the fun in the telling is the journey to find, return.
my hands are empty. i henceforth hold space for all the poems to be penned paintings to be painted shapes to be woven songs to be sung let's pluck them from the ether like plenty of ripe fruit, rest our fears feast our eyes and ears on what we share everywhere, there, and here one day I want to sing some songs with you.
It's Fairly 03:11
Well, you keep me in laughter medicine man, keep me dosed daily, oh! It's fairly? Oh? When you tease the task master she crumples, drops lock and key. And I fly, I fly, oh! But I can't crack a simple joke Pathways are mazy There, your well known talent Here my worn disability Old dog, new trick, hazy. And I can hardly wait to hold you, Ry and love you so completely for the rest of our laughs and I hope it's fairly for thee?
You who stepped into the looking glass and peered sheer over steep cliffs you sail charting beyond edge of dark waters steeped, drawing lines past here to never side of moon been, and carry back moon beam To lean into melodies clear and clean only you hear. Flare, behold, wonder, wander there. You beam pure, through everywhere, no-where and weave shapes from air. You of courage, better half of sister twin Could I but manifest half your ferocious rail! Have you forgiven? Such heaviness binding you leave behind in your rainbow wake and longer linger for anger’s sake you, beloved, trail nothing less than shining beloved, in becoming, here, now, in finding.


For many years now, sounds of folk traditions have percolated through my ears, traditions whose truths speak to me deep in my bones. Maybe some of them have bubbled out now through my arms and fingers like echoes. While I honour my classical training, I have managed to unlearn enough of it to become porous again. And sometimes out of my pen come poems that want to be songs. Some of these songs were written seemingly forever ago and waited many years to be brought here. I hope you enjoy them, or at least find them interesting.


released January 16, 2022

Mirabai Peart -viola, violin, vocals, longneck tarhu (Another Story)
Eric Perney - double bass
Daniel Charles Hunt - percussion
Dylan Rieck - cello (On the Adventures of Moonhead)

Music and lyrics composed, arranged and produced by Mirabai Peart

Viola and violin parts recorded by Josh Goulding at the Map Room (except 'Rain')
Double bass parts recorded by Eric Perney
Percussion recorded by Daniel Charles Hunt
Cello recorded by Dylan Rieck

Album mixed by Ryan Francesconi
Mastered by J.J.Golden at Golden Mastering

Album artwork by Janaki Peart (spray paint and acrylic on canvas)
Photo in Bandcamp profile by Brie Sáez


all rights reserved



Mirabai Peart Portland, Oregon

Mirabai Peart's music emerges from experimentations with viola and voice. Her music, given agency by her classical training, is navigated to its true north by folk influences that run deep.

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